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We are a member based company enriching youth, businesses and communities through programs and services to achieve success as a whole.


A Powerful Network of Associates

We form associations with businesses and corporations. As Associates of 2160, our associates agree to provide our members with savings on all products and services they provide. In return, we offer our associates "Results Driven Advertisement" on all platforms utilized by 2160. This provides a strong, soon to be nationwide, network of Associates and Members with direct links to our Associates.

Along with Honorary Membership, we also offer many other programs and services to enrich our Associate's presence within our communities, allowing them to be recognized as strong community supporters. There is no cost in becoming a Standard Associate of 2160, as our goals are to pass the savings on directly to our Members. For more information on becoming an Associate, please feel free to contact us at 661-342-7857


Membership at It's Finest

We pursue the finest members of our society through our benefited recruiting programs. Our recruitment processes are exclusive and are designed to specifically support the community. Membership can only be attained through one of our recruiters. Our Members are able to enjoy savings and privileges not available to others. The greatest benefit of becoming a Member is, wherever we are within the nation, so are your benefits and privileges. Where we go, you grow! We are committed to making your membership valuable and rewarding. For more information on becoming a Member, please feel free to contact us at 661-342-7857


Integration Instead of Exclusion

Support is not just an abstract concept - it requires direct communication and assistance. That's why we work hard to maintain relationships with all corporations in support of our efforts. Corporations that care about our local communities and are not in positions to become Associates, are given the opportunity to become Supporters. As Supporters of 2160 and our efforts, Supporters are given the opportunity to assist in the form of providing even more savings through coupons posted on our site for Members. Supporters assist us in reaching our goals of making membership invaluable. In making Membership invaluable, we are able to more easily recruit members, which allow us to support the general community at a higher level. For more information on becoming a Supporter, please feel free to contact us at 661-342-7857

Our Team

Professionals With a Common Goal

Our staff comes from all walks of life as we strive to retain a diverse workforce. We all have the same burning desire to accomplish our goals of supporting communities. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with society's finest people, schools, non-profits and organizations in the world and we are committed to assisting them in accomplishing their goals. Our team works hard to insure we are enriching the lives of our youth through opportunities designed to have everlasting positive impacts. Supporting our schools, non-profits and organizations by enabling them to be well compensated for becoming part of our recruiting process and to our local government offices and non-profits in receiving assistance in funding through donations, For more information on becoming part of our team, please feel free to contact us at 661-342-7857

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