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Our mobile app and website allow members to save 10% (up to $50) on all products and services at participating businesses without the hassle of a card. One full year of savings at the palm of their hand! Members save on dining, shopping, attractions and so much more!


• No cost to you • No minimum required • No residual, damaged, lost or stolen product • Funds are available immediately • A personal agent committed to you • Everything needed is supplied

Your Fundraiser Includes:

• Information flyers designed for your personal cause
• Information cards on how to register membership
• Information ledgers for tracking purposes



Once all ledgers are consolidated into our spreadsheet and you have accounted for all members and information accuracy, payment can be made at any point within the drive or at the end, whichever is most convenient for you.

                  Standard Membership- $30.00

$15.00 per membership sold – Your Organization
$2.50 per membership sold – Allocated for prizes to top sellers
$2.50 per membership sold – Donated to a local government agency or non-profit in your name
$5.00 per membership sold – Supporting Agent
$5.00 per membership sold – 2160 Inc.

We are truly committed in supporting our communities. By becoming a part of our recruitment of members process, your organization will not only earn the much-needed funds you are seeking, but you will actively be supporting the local community. Contact us today for more information on how you can raise more funds than ever before!

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